Motherly Improvisation






My youngest refuses to crawl on his knees like a regular infant-instead he does this military-style lowcrawl around my apartment. He's lightning fast at it and wouldn't bother me in the slightest except for the rug burn my poor bubba gets from his explorations. After noticing he was developing some light callouses on his knees, I had a "lightbulb" moment-I simply grabbed a pair of my oldest's socks, cut the feet off, and simply slid the sock over his knees. Worked like a charm! Of course he looks like a volleyball player, but his knees have been rug burn free :)

 I think I saw something called "babylegs" at Target a few months back that I'm assuming were/are designed to do the same thing my homemade baby kneepads are-BUT they were $9/pair. Ummmm, me thinks not-for some socks?! Get outta here....

It also makes me wonder-what do you do if you have hardwood floors? Babies have been crawling for ages with nothing on their knees, so I'm guessing it's no biggie, but it does make one wonder-I know crawling around on my knees picking up anything makes me wince in pain-but that's probably just due to age :)

Anywhoo, just thought I'd share a moment of "motherly improvisation" with you....what's your's?