Classroom Dialogue 101

A collection of random dialogues and happenings while attending college classes In Concepts of Math, my prof is introducing "sets": " there's a word I love to say, it just has a nice way of roollling off the tongue, don't you think? Enumerate I could say it over and over again, it just does something for me!"

Come again? Yep, definitely a geek squared!

In my Psych 101 class last week, sitting in front of and overhearing a convo between two chicks who chain smoke and have pet snakes...

"OMG, so like when we got the snake we didn't know if it was like, you know, male or female...but my boyfriend was cleaning out the bedding one day and noticed all this stuff that looked like I dunno, shedding or something and he put it outside and we realized later on that the shedding stuff was actually EGGS and I was like 'OMG, you idiot, how could you freeze snake eggs?' "

*Note: I have a reptile phobia, especially when it comes to snakes* UMMMM 1) excuse me while I barf and 2) yea...I need to switch seats ASAP *scanning classroom for available seats-darn! The prof is starting to lecture, UGH, I'm officially grossed out and feel dirty all of a sudden-HELP!

Standing in the Madison Connector building, trying to warm up before moving to the next building where my class is, I notice two guys whistle at this girl who just entered the building. She stops immediately, whips her head around and says:

"Do I LOOK like a dog to you? Grow up!"

That's right, demand respect my fellow female! (Power fist in the air)

In my Psych 101 class today, 1) I'm sitting FAR away from smoking snake girls, but found myself next to two new guys who lean over and ask me:

"Hey, is that 'sexy chick' up there our teacher or what? Don't tell me that's her!" When I reply in the affirmative, they high-five each other and one goes: "Dude, its going to be a sexy semester-I bet she's single..." I stopped listening at that point, and

2)Meanwhile, 'sexy chick' prof is having technical issues with the projector. She leaves the room to call the tech dept...Immediately the black girl sitting to my left makes an announcement:

"Ok class, here you go (holding up a stack of typed up sheets) we've got all of chapter 1 notes WITH the chapter review and key terms all prepared and available for $5/ copy! Chapter 2 will be ready next class...I'm also available for tax preparation, and can hook up your cable through Comcast...what?! I got classes to pay for, so I gotta get in where I fit in!"

If you're wondering if she just gave knew meaning to the words "grindin" and "hustling" while reinforcing a few stereotypes, YES she just did.

I had to whip out my Crackberry and post that on Facebook-It was too good to resist :)