Resistance Soundtrack: Prince's Positivity (Yes)

Since the election I've been having dreams that reflect my angst, fear, anxieties, and frustration over the normalization of hate and brand of populism that's taking over. The dreams are usually centered around my resistance to it, and my desire to find ways to engage in and support resistance efforts to this kind of power. In some of them I am crying, despairing, consumed with a sense of loss, but in most, I am fighting back in some way, even if it's just against my own fears that tell me all is lost. Last night's dream was about exactly that-not giving in to the desire to give up, and holding on.

I woke up from it with the lyrics to Prince's "Positivity" playing in my head.

  "Hold your soul...we gotta long way, to go!"

 "Give up if you want to, and all is lost-Spooky Electric will be your boss..." 

It's been at least a year since I've listened to this track, so I'm sitting here in bed, right now, listening to it and marveling at how Prince's music (a song from the late 80's/early 90's that for me, always helped me in my spiritual life) continues to be relevant to our political and cultural climate.  

Lyrics from the portion that was playing in my dream/head when I woke up...

  "In every man's life there will be a hang-up

A whirlwind designed 2 slow U down

It cuts like a knife and tries 2 get in U

This Spooky Electric sound

Give up if U want 2 and all is lost

Spooky Electric will be your boss"

Call People magazine, Rolling Stone

Call your next of kin, cuz your ass is gone

He's got a 57 mag with the price tag still on the side

Cuzzin' when Spooky say dead, U better say died

Or U can fly high right by Spooky and all that he crawls 4

Spooky and all that he crawls 4

Don't kiss the beast

We need love & honesty, peace & harmony


Love & honesty, peace & harmony

I said, hold on 2 your soul, U got a long way 2 go

Sho' nuff, sho' nuff, sho' nuff

Don't kiss the beast

Be superior at least

Hold on 2 your soul, y'all, court, sing

Hold on 2 your soul, we got a long way 2 go

Hold on 2 your soul..."


Holding on.