Future Exhibition Proposal


I have a recurring dream where I walk into a large room with high, vaulted ceilings. Sometimes the walls are white, deep red or a baked clay/Indian yellow hue color. There’s a bench in the middle and the closer you get to it, the more expansive the room becomes. on each wall are these figures, most life size, with one stretching all the way up to and on the ceiling as if it’s towering over you. Each figure looks similar to this one pictured; some are on canvas with various materials or line markings adorning sections of their being, others are painted directly onto the wall. One even had an actual door you could open and then walk down a small hallway filled with pictures, writings, and small paintings, as if you you were walking through a history of all that body has carried & experienced. Another figure was mostly a head, and there were headphones next to it-you could grab them and listen to its thoughts. Sometimes in the dream I’m painting and installing the figures, and sometimes I’m sitting on the bench in the middle watching others experience the work, but they don’t know I’m there-they can’t see me. It’s wild. I either wake up right as someone leaves a work and starts walking toward the bench in the middle of the room, or I’ve finished the figure that stretches into the ceiling. Maybe one day I’ll find a place to take over where I can actually make it real.