Black History Month

Black Creatives Who Inspire: Christa David (Beatrice Clay)


Who: Christa David (Beatrice Clay) 


Inspired By Beatrice Clay

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Instagram: @beatriceclay



Her work: "Dear God, this sh*t cray?" Themes of faith, divinity, history, individual and collective responsibility, and kinship loom large in my work. With color, shape and a variety of media, I explore the questions that keep us up at night - "What do I believe?" "Why am I here?" and "What's next?"


Why: I first met Christa and was exposed to her work at a conference in 2014. I literally gasped out loud when she handed me her card and and a few other self-care goodies that were all designed to spark my own creativity. Her visuals are offer that minimalistic look that's all the rage but unlike others who practice this aesthetic in their work, she doesn't sacrifice color. Her work is soft and simple, but she also keeps it vibrant and bold. 


Your artistry pushes me to find the beauty in life, Christa. Thank you for being an inspiration-Salute!  

Black Creatives Who Inspire: Karen Walrond

Karen Walrond



Through keynote speeches, booksebooksin-person and online courses, workshops and one-on-one coaching, Karen Walrond and Chookooloonks Media are all about leadership, self-determination and the concept of thriving.  Ultimately, her work is a testament to beauty, positivity, creativity and kindness.  It's a body of irrefutable evidence that there is good in the world.  And a collection of tools to help you connect with gratitude, strength and joy in your own work and life.


Instagram: @heychookooloonks



For nearly 7 years, Karen's corner of the Internet has been my favorite place to go to-especially when I'm overwhelmed by the ugliness, devastation, and injustice happening in the world. Her words and images remind me to always "look for the light" within and around me, and her book The Beauty of Different helped me heal from the impact childhood trauma had on my self-esteem and image. Her superpowers are many, but one of my favorites is her ability to empower others to recognize theirs. Her photography is lush and vibrant with colors that contrast with the existing shadows, and I enjoy how she amplifies the light in each of her subjects. As a creative, and as a friend, she pushes me to be a better artist and person. If you aren't following her work, do your soul a favor by starting to today. 

Salute, Karen! Thank you for being a light in the lives of so many and for doing dope sh*t. Thank you for using your #BlackGirlMagic and superpowers for good. 


*To celebrate Black History Month, I'll be doing short features of the Black women (and maybe a few men) creatives past and present who motivate, inspire, empower me in my life and work, and create incredibly dope sh*t. I hope you'll enjoy reading about them as much as I will be about amplifying their greatness!