Wistfully Nostalgic Wednesday

Wistfully Nostalgic Wednesday: Disney Movies & Hammertime

I moved into my new apartment today-FINALLY. Although things haven't turned out the way I thought they would or wanted to this summer and renting a place from my new school wasn't what I was expecting, all in all, I'm grateful that God provided it. We have a roof over our heads, and while we need a break from each other, my ex and I are still BFFs. So....to say I'm grateful is a huge understatement. Today was hectic, frantic, and overwhelming. Trying to find a grocery store nearly gave me a panic attack and I feel bad for whoever winds up living underneath me because the sound of my boys' "pitter-pattering" feet sound more like a stampeding herd of stegosaurus' :) Oh well, I'll be sure to buy them lots of gift cards, offer study notes, & give them cookies at Christmas time to make up for it. I did find a Target & a BJ's so that kind of made up for the edginess I felt today.

But, this post isn't about my move. It's Wednesday which means I'm supposed to be telling you what I'm missing in the pop-culture realm from my youth. Because I'm beyond tired, this will be quick:

Disney Movies...not Disney Pixar movies. Don't get me wrong, those are great but I miss the classics like the one you see to the left. Thank goodness they just re-released this one. I used to have em all-I mean ALL....on VHS. 101 Dalmations, Robin Hood, Aladdin...(sigh) yes, my kids  and I need a marathon of these one weekend.

A-Ha, Human League and pre-Kaballah Madonna...you know back when she was desperately seeking attention some chick named Susan and not Brazilian boys men old enough to be her sons? In case you need a reminder:


You can wear all the meat dresses and hatch out of all the eggs you want Gaga, but remember-she ACTUALLY hung out with Warhol.

And since I mentioned A-Ha, feel free to enjoy this as much as I do....


And since I'm already on an eighties music roll here, I'm awfully nostalgic over this:


While other girls my age were posting New Kids on the Block posters on their wall, and Mark Wahlberg was with some creeps called the funky bunch, I was busy belting my heart out to Prince. If I'm not mistaken this song as well as his Around the World in a Day album was my favorite when I was in elementary school....You know, back in the early nineties when MC Hammer was telling us what we couldn't touch....


And before you even ask, yes I still know all the words and moves to this song, and I even saw his movie :)

Welp I'm off to "do the bump" right to my bed and that's what I'm waxing nostalgic about this week, how about you? Feel free to share!