To Those Who Served Past & Present

I know it's 11/11/11 and that has all you nerdy number freaks all in a tizzy....

But in the midst of your quirky revelry, please don't forget to pause before your numerology induced orgasm and pay respects to those who have served to protect us both past and present.

Don't forget to say thank you and send a thought, prayer, a word of encouragement or strength to those who sacrifice their lives so we can go ape over such dates as 11/11/11 in peace.

Don't forget about the Veteran who served in wars past so you could enjoy this day.

Whether you agree with every war or operation our country has engaged in shouldn't matter.

What should matter is that someone made the decision to put on a uniform and serve our country so we might enjoy freedoms others don't.

Our country isn't without it's weakness and faults, but our Veterans are definitely one of our greatest strengths.

Every Tuesday I go to the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia and see hundreds of them, from wars past and the one we just ended,

seeking care and medication for injuries that are both seen and unseen.

My heart aches and breaks for them every time I set foot inside the doors of the hospital.

Looking in their faces and seeing their needs, my own visit to the Mental Health clinic seems trivial, and I feel helpless sometimes, knowing their needs are so great.

But I don't allow that feeling to keep me from smiling at every single one of them, spending a few moments with each one that crosses my path, saying hello and giving a "HOOAH" or "Semper Fi"....

Don't forget about our Vets. Remember those still serving worldwide.

Please pray for my best friend Bria. She's currently on deployment in Afghanistan. (I miss you!) We've been friends for nearly 7 years.

To all those who have served, to those still serving day in and day out, to my former USAF Security Forces troops, to my tech school teammates ("TEAM 8, HOOAH!") and to my basic training ladies,