This Rainbow Trainee Doesn't Care About You Getting Your Shot, Lady

When you're in BMT (Basic Military Training), they send photographers with your flight (team) to document certain milestones during your training: your arrival to base, the day you get your uniforms, when you get your first ID card, etc. The thing about these photographers though is that they're a real pain in the ass in those first weeks. They want you to smile, look their way and basically ignore the commands your TI's (training instructors, NOT the rapper) have given you to not breathe, move, or think until told to do so.

They also want you to pretend like you're enjoying being abso-fucking-lutely terrorized by the grown ass adults screaming at you at random moments for daring to let your leg twitch or your eyes blink so they don't dry up and become useless. You're afraid to look anyone in the eye, sneeze, make a sound or do ANYTHING to draw attention to yourself...and these assholes with cameras show up on Uniform Day, shove their lenses in your face, and demand you do exactly what will get you noticed by a TI and put on night guard duty for every shift or scrubbing scuff marks off the chow hall floor at 2am. It's a winning situation for them, but always a losing one for you. If you ignore them, they could snitch on you but yet give them too much attention and you've made yourself a target. 

In those initial weeks, BMT is a complete mind f--- just to see how quickly you can throw out what you think you know about life and adapt and overcome. This is why I burst out laughing when I saw this picture a few weeks ago as I unpacked a tote to books and memories. I had seen my BMT "yearbook" in it and thumbed through the photos reminiscing when I came across this one. It perfectly encapsulates the struggle facing every Rainbow trainee trapped in those first hellish weeks of basic.  None of us were having this photog's "show me how much you're loving Basic Training!" nonsense, especially me because as an element leader, I had to lead by example...and as I recall I was MADE an example many times over because of the photog who couldn't just leave us alone. We were just Rainbow trainees too scared and tired to care about her getting her shot. I think this is more authentic anyway.