Father's Day

A Beautiful Weekend Full of Hiking, Smiles, and Incredible Fathers

From the weather, to the squeals of laughter erupting from the boys as they ran from Bertski, to the time spent outdoors, we had a beautiful weekend. We woke up way earlier than normal for us on a Saturday and went hiking through Historic Rittenhouse & Wissahickon Creek, one of Bertski's favorite places in Philly.



We rounded out the day with a little retail therapy at (where else?) Target and finished the night off with a Pocoyo marathon for the boys and a date night for us, complete with take out from Carrabas. NOM. (I don't have any pictures because I practically inhaled my food before I could snap any food porn for ya)

We started off Father's Day letting Berski sleep in...because honestly he's usually the one who gets up with the boys on the weekends and feeds them breakfast while I continue to slobber all over my pillow. But this morning I put my big girl panties on, stumbled my way into the boys room armed with milk and cereal, locked myself in and proceeded to engross myself in the nuanced life of Curious George.

Once Bertski woke up, we headed out for another hike, this time at the infamous Valley Forge Historic National Park in Valley Forge, PA.

This place? GORGEOUS y'all. It was once the headquarters for George Washington and the Revolutionary Army, and served as the location for some of the Revolution's most epic battles.

Today, it's sprawling landscape serves as a place for bikers, hikers, and any other "ers" to enjoy and take advantage of. Lush vegetation, sky high trees, deeply wooded areas, and beautifully mysterious trails and pathways accentuate the historical feel of the park. Scattered throughout are various log cabins and buildings that once housed farmers & troops. As we hiked our way through, I could envision British and Rebel soldiers marching toward each other over its rolling hills, as canons fired rounds and each side's Calvary lead the charge to battle. I told Bertski how humbled and somber I felt thinking of those who met their fate at the end of a bayonet or canon blast (shudder)...our nation's very first veterans, if I'm not mistaken. (If I am, correct me you history buffs)

It was a gorgeous day, the boys loved exploring and chasing each other, I snapped a slew of pictures, everyone worked up a good sweat and a serious craving for some Mexican Post-our favorite place in Philly for Mexican food and Grand Marnier Margaritas.

Coming home consisted of the three males in the house chasing each other, rough housing, and tearing through the apartment-all in their underwear (and diaper) and I snuggled in for a good read, feeling grateful for the noise.

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend or for a more fulfilling way for Bertski to spend his Father's Day. I really hope we have more like this as we venture through the summer.