Morning Chaos

My morning so far: Both kiddos wound up in my bed at 5:30...they finally convinced me to get up at 6. Cleaned a little because I'm having company over today (I think), cooked breakfast, changed 2 poopie diapers, fed both kids...and cleaned up the eggtastic mess my 11mo old left all over the living room....jumped on the computer to update my client's website/social networking pages, ran into some technical issues, so I had to call the designer to figure out the problem-while trying to comfort my 11mo who crawled into my office door and was screaming bloody hell...fought my way through washing faces/noses/brushing hair and teeth, allowed the older kiddo to pick out his own clothing, and fought with the younger one to put his on.... finally cleaned myself up to look presentable for the day and I'm finally ready to drop the older one off to school...running late, but on my way out the door nonetheless. WHEW! What a morning... Oh and did I mention that all of this occurred while I had about 5 hot flashes?