Give Us Chocolate Cake!

I don't think I've ever mentioned it before but I'm a social media consultant.  I'm only a couple years into the careerfield, and even though I'm still in college pursuing my degree in Communications, I've been fortunate enough to gain a significant amount of  experience working for a celebrity client-a chef on Food Network. I can't even put into words how blessed I am in this regard, and how grateful I am for the opportunity to learn and grow with this individual.....but that's not the point of this post.... I mentioned what I do for a living because working for a chef has opened my eyes, ears, and nose to the world of food in a whole new way. Growing up with my crazy father, I never ate home cooked food-we ate fast food or at restaurants EVERY DAY. I'm not exaggerating-my father simply did not my palate growing up you can imagine was I think is a good way to describe it.  When I moved in with my mom at the age of 17, I took my first trip to the grocery store, had my first home-cooked meal (Porkchops), and had my first experience with touching a dead chicken-an oven roaster my mother demanded I get acquainted with and put in the oven. My mother taught me how to cook (which thank GOD she did, because I discovered I really do LOVE food), but my client (I call him "Boss") has taught me and my 5 senses about FOOD, period. When we went to a food show in NYC last summer, he told me to taste everything he did....I was terrified, cause there are just somethings I can't stomach due to the childhood food trauma my dad subjected me to (ie making me eat things normal kids wouldn't like and ruining my tastebuds with McDonald's & Sonic) But as scared as I was, I was also intrigued and willing to give it a go-I wanted to be adventurous and I was. I didn't like everything, but I learned alot about the different smells, textures, tastes and even sounds food has that day...and pretty much every day I've worked for this guy....

Working for him has not only deepened my love affair with food,  but because I work in the world of social media, it has made me pay attention to any & everything online that has to deal with food. I often find myself reading a blog, clicking on a recipe, "liking" food magazines on Facebook (although it's not exclusive to food, right now, Real Simple Magazine is my new crush-I'm in love with that magazine and thier recipes!) searching for any food-related topics I can find...and if I can find something that I think he can expound upon & use to share with his fans online, that's even better.

Today is a perfect example of that.  While scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, I came across an interesting fact: It's National Chocolate Cake Day!  Who knew?! I mean, really?! You mean to tell me my FAVORITE deliciously decadent dessert has a day all it's own to be celebrated and adored (and eaten!)? GET OUT OF HERE! I instantly text my "Boss" and told him...we went back and forth a few times, he gave me his thoughts on what he loves about chocolate cake, I posted his flourless chocolate cake recipe on his Facebook page for him and voila-learned a cool fact about food and sucessfully "engaged" an online community with the click of the mouse....

I love my job, I love who I work for, I love social media, I LOVE food....but most of all, I love a good, gooey, decadent slice of that good ol' chocolate cake....*drooling and swooning as I type*

"Let them eat cake." -(Marie Antoinette) Let us eat cake indeed...*raised fork* "TO CHOCOLATE CAKE-CHEERS!*