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What Janelle Monae Taught Me About Motherhood & Mood Disorders

It's Saturday. The day I've dedicated to being Self-Love Saturday. I'm supposed to focus on loving and accepting some part of ME today. And I'm going to try. But I have to confess and say it's going to be a hard one today. It's my ex's birthday and it's his first official weekend with our son...the first of a totally new way of living our lives, with custody arrangements. The reminder of this drives the knife of reality over our separation painfully deeper into the wound that still least on my end. So, SLS is going to be a toughie today. BUT maybe that's part of the point? Maybe there's something here, in this, that I need to work my way through. Gotta deal with and move through it....And nothing reminds me of this more so than singing the lyrics to "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae.  "Whether I'm high or low, whether I'm high or low, I've to tip on the tightrope....."

That's how I was feeling last night, and this morning as I wake up-Iike I'm struggling to keep my balance on the tightrope I'm walking. But Ms. Monae and her song have surprisingly taught me some things about walking on the tightropes in my life, especially the one regarding getting through motherhood with a mood disorder....and I'm blogging about it over on James & Jax today! YAY! That I am extremely excited about & feel very lucky that she's allowed me to share some confessions over in her space of the blogosphere. As I've mentioned before I love talking with Jaime and her blog is one of my top 3 faves. S

Simply put, she rocks, so please pay her a visit today. You can check out my post and her insightful writing. Go know you want here

You can also check out her post from last Saturday's SLS here as well.

I hear my rowdy boys waking up so that's my cue to get breakfast going. I'm off to make pancakes! I'll be back later ya'll.....

Out Visiting!

Happy Friday! WOOOOHOOOOO! *cue the "Hallelujah Chorus" * We made it through the week! Was it just me or was this one a little rougher than usual, especially yesterday? If you're on the east coast, maybe it was because of all the wet, gray weather we had. Well, the good news is we weathered the the storms and the weekend is here to give us a reprieve.....and I'm starting mine in the blogosphere by visiting a friend :)

Today I'm over at Learned Happiness, where my fellow writer and mama Susan owns her story in honest, eloquent posts. On Monday she stopped by & shared her thoughts on  "Perseverance" , the inspiration stemming from a photo she snapped while out enjoying date night with her hubby.

Today I'm sharing my own thoughts on the very same photo, and I'd LOVE for you to check it out as well as the rest of Susan's blog. I promise it's well worth the visit, I think you'll find her presence and writing as warm and inviting as I do.

Enjoy your Friday!