learned happiness

Out Visiting!

Happy Friday! WOOOOHOOOOO! *cue the "Hallelujah Chorus" * We made it through the week! Was it just me or was this one a little rougher than usual, especially yesterday? If you're on the east coast, maybe it was because of all the wet, gray weather we had. Well, the good news is we weathered the the storms and the weekend is here to give us a reprieve.....and I'm starting mine in the blogosphere by visiting a friend :)

Today I'm over at Learned Happiness, where my fellow writer and mama Susan owns her story in honest, eloquent posts. On Monday she stopped by & shared her thoughts on  "Perseverance" , the inspiration stemming from a photo she snapped while out enjoying date night with her hubby.

Today I'm sharing my own thoughts on the very same photo, and I'd LOVE for you to check it out as well as the rest of Susan's blog. I promise it's well worth the visit, I think you'll find her presence and writing as warm and inviting as I do.

Enjoy your Friday!