my one word

My One Word: LOVE

I mentioned yesterday that I didn't pick any resolutions this year, choosing instead to focus everything around one word.

I first got this idea from My One Word.

In 2011 my word was "COMMITTED."

My word for 2012 is "LOVE."

Confession: I was going to write about my experience with my word from last year and my hopes & ideas about my focus for this year....but can I be honest and say that I'm really tired from a long day of running errands? Can I also say that I'm having an incredible amount of fun playing & dancing with my boys...and getting to know the new potential "love" in my life to write tonight?

I will share. I promise. You know I will. But right now I just want to live in these moments I'm having tonight because I need them. My boys need them.

I just wanted to at least let you know what my one word was because  I promised I would... I can't leave ya hangin :)

I hope you're enjoying your evening as much as we're enjoying ours....