Dance Party Friday: Baby I'm a (Imperfect) Star

This was a tough week for me. Not as tough as previous ones, but tough. I started my semester this week and although I was excited about diving into this new chapter of my life, I underestimated the impact it would have on me mentally, emotionally & even physically. In my mind I was thinking that since this was something good, something positive, something fulfilling even, that I wouldn't experience any type of anxiety; at least not the type that leaves me a hot, sweaty, shaking mess. Boy was I wrong... All day Monday I could feel that I was talking faster than normal, but I couldn't really stop myself. Classes were great but by the time I picked up the boys, got us home & dinner was settling in our bellies, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how I had done any of it. The whole day felt like a blur and by the time I got the boys down for bed, my thoughts were racing, heart was pounding, I was shaking...I was a wreck, even though emotionally I felt good. I was such a wreck I had to force myself to go to bed. Tuesday, I was still a mess, totally debilitated by it, unable to concentrate or focus, couldn't think, felt wasn't until I took some advice from my #PPDChat mamas & forced myself to boggie for 20 minutes that I started to feel clearer mentally and actually feel the anxiety finally subside.

When I went to record this yesterday, I didn't feel like it, but I made myself. When I went to edit it, I stressed myself out because I couldn't get the timing quite right, no matter how hard I tried. The perfectionist in me reared her ugly head and I actually considered not posting a video at all today.

What made me change my mind? Realizing that much like life & our own humanity, recovery of any type isn't perfect and doesn't always go according to our carefully laid out plan. You can go to therapy, exercise, take your meds, cross all your t's & dot every i, but sometimes, things just don't go as they should. Sometimes they still end up messy. Sometimes despite all the preventative maintenance we do we still break down and have a bad day...a bad week...or maybe even a bad month.

This week, despite the good that was happening to me, in spite of my having followed my wellness plan, Anxiety still reared it's ugly head. Hypomania still stopped by & hung around for a couple of hours. I had two bad days. Had some bad moments. But I realized that having these moments of weakness isn't a reflection of our character or who we are as a person. If anything, I'm coming to realize that actually embracing the imperfection in ourselves & in our lives is what actually strengthens, heals, & gets us further down life's path. If you're like me and you're wrestling or battling with something in your life, take heart and give yourself a break. Don't let a bad moment or a funky couple of days make you give up on your recovery. Embrace what makes you imperfect & realize that sometimes despite your best efforts, something may go wrong. Instead of letting it discourage you like I almost did, or underestimating it like I did, just grab it by the horns & drag it along with you. Don't let it stop you from moving or believing in yourself. Imperfection doesn't dim the brightness within us, it enhances it-if we allow it to in a positive way.

So that's what this Dance Party Friday is about, what this video symbolizes for me. It's silly and goofy, and totally imperfect and so am I. But baby, I'm still a star :)

Alright enough with the Oprah talk-it's "dancey dance time." :)


Wistfully Nostalgic Wednesday: Disney Movies & Hammertime

I moved into my new apartment today-FINALLY. Although things haven't turned out the way I thought they would or wanted to this summer and renting a place from my new school wasn't what I was expecting, all in all, I'm grateful that God provided it. We have a roof over our heads, and while we need a break from each other, my ex and I are still BFFs. say I'm grateful is a huge understatement. Today was hectic, frantic, and overwhelming. Trying to find a grocery store nearly gave me a panic attack and I feel bad for whoever winds up living underneath me because the sound of my boys' "pitter-pattering" feet sound more like a stampeding herd of stegosaurus' :) Oh well, I'll be sure to buy them lots of gift cards, offer study notes, & give them cookies at Christmas time to make up for it. I did find a Target & a BJ's so that kind of made up for the edginess I felt today.

But, this post isn't about my move. It's Wednesday which means I'm supposed to be telling you what I'm missing in the pop-culture realm from my youth. Because I'm beyond tired, this will be quick:

Disney Movies...not Disney Pixar movies. Don't get me wrong, those are great but I miss the classics like the one you see to the left. Thank goodness they just re-released this one. I used to have em all-I mean ALL....on VHS. 101 Dalmations, Robin Hood, Aladdin...(sigh) yes, my kids  and I need a marathon of these one weekend.

A-Ha, Human League and pre-Kaballah know back when she was desperately seeking attention some chick named Susan and not Brazilian boys men old enough to be her sons? In case you need a reminder:


You can wear all the meat dresses and hatch out of all the eggs you want Gaga, but remember-she ACTUALLY hung out with Warhol.

And since I mentioned A-Ha, feel free to enjoy this as much as I do....


And since I'm already on an eighties music roll here, I'm awfully nostalgic over this:


While other girls my age were posting New Kids on the Block posters on their wall, and Mark Wahlberg was with some creeps called the funky bunch, I was busy belting my heart out to Prince. If I'm not mistaken this song as well as his Around the World in a Day album was my favorite when I was in elementary school....You know, back in the early nineties when MC Hammer was telling us what we couldn't touch....


And before you even ask, yes I still know all the words and moves to this song, and I even saw his movie :)

Welp I'm off to "do the bump" right to my bed and that's what I'm waxing nostalgic about this week, how about you? Feel free to share!